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GE Dash 8-40CW
Photos are of HO scale models from the Atlas Model Railroad Company, www.atlasrr.com
Check out these great features:
  • Both DCC ready and DCC factory equipped versions (featuring NCE Decoders)
  • Directional Lighting
  • Illuminated Ditch Lights in Analog Version, Operational Ditchlights in DCC version.
  • Dual brass flywheels/Low friction mechanism
  • Body Mounted Accu-Mate™ magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Walkway safety treads, painted handrails
  • Golden White LED's
  • Improved slower speed motor for closer to scale speeds
  • Separate coupler cut lever
The 4,000hp Dash 8-40CW was produced by General Electric between 1989 and 1993 as a follow-up to the successful Dash 8-40C locomotive. The most distinguishing feature of this model was the introduction of GE’s version of the wide-nose “North American Safety Cab.” This style of cab would become a common sight on railroads across the country. Four major railroads purchased the Dash 8-40CW in fairly large quantities, including Conrail, CSX, Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Most of these units are still in regular mainline and heavy-haul freight service today. Due to various mergers, they can also be seen operating for new owners Norfolk Southern and BNSF.
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GE Dash 8-40CW
Atlas BNSF Heritage 3 Dash 8-40CW
BNSF #853 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-51935 -- Orange/Green/Yellow "Heritage 3"

List $124.95

Popular Paint Scheme Returns -- w/NEW ROAD #'S
Conrail Quality #6059 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 691 -- Blue/White

List $129.95

Conrail Quality #6060 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 692 -- Blue/White

List $129.95

CSX (Conrail Patch) #7307 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 697 -- Blue/White

List $129.95

Norfolk Southern (Conrail Patch) #8323 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 698 -- Blue/White

List $129.95

Norfolk Southern (Conrail Patch) #8417 Dash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 699 -- Blue/White

List $129.95

Norfolk Southern (Conrail Patch) #8323 DCCDash 8-40CW
ITEM # AT-40 002 723 -- Blue/White

List $169.95

Undecorated Dash 8-40CW, Conrail Style
ITEM # AT-40 002 687

List $129.95

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