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Laser Cut Structure Kits
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Bar Mills N Scale Castings -
New from Bar Mills are N Scale castings. These are unpainted cast resin with 2 groupings/pkg. Set # 1005 is a white metal casting.
#1002 Assorted 55 Gallon Drums
#1004 Assorted Crate Stacks
Assorted Crates & Barrels, 2/pkg
ITEM # BM-1001

LIST: $3.95

Assorted 55 Gallon Drums, 2/pkg
ITEM # BM-1002 - Temp unavailable.

LIST: $3.95

Assorted Wooden Kegs, 2/pkg
ITEM # BM-1003

LIST: $3.95

Assorted Crate Stacks, 2/pkg
ITEM # BM-1004

LIST: $3.95

Assorted Street Stuff, 5/pkg
ITEM # BM-1005

LIST: $4.95

Bar Mills N Scale Structure Line-Up
Bar Mills Pinkham's Pallets laser cut kit

Pinkhams is one of our larger "super-type" kits. this one is designed to be the primary focus of a scene... whether next to the road or alongside the tracks. Precision laser-cut wood, full color signs, comphrehensive instructions with color photos and lead-free pewter white metal detail castings included. Approx 3 x 7.5"
Pinkham's Pallets Laser Kit
ITEM # BM-811

LIST: $77.95

Wicked Wanda's

“Wanda’s”, one of the best selling structures
produced by Bar Mills, is now available in N Scale!

This lanky structure has an attitude all of its’ own. Based on a photo, where the original structure was some kind of a placeto grab a bite to eat.
The combination of clapboard & board & batten siding, along with the laser-cut “cedar shake” shingles and the complex looking stairway
help to make this one stand out from the rest.

A small “footprint” with a lot of vertical interest
it can be squeezed into places
other buildings dare not go !
Bar Mills Wicked Wanda's
Wicked Wanda's
ITEM # BM-961

LIST: $47.95

Plumbing Emporium
  • "Royal Flush Toilets" - There's no flush like a Royal Flush" sign included with kit!
Mooney's Plumbing Emporium
ITEM # BM-821

LIST: $49.95

Earl's Oil
Kit includes:
  • Pump-House
  • 3 Cast Resin Tanks
  • White Metal Detail Castings
  • Insta-Fence
  • Signs, Billboard & 9 Page Instructional Book
Earl's Oil
ITEM # BM-801

LIST: $39.98

The Whistlestop Features:
  • Approx. 2 1/2" x 4" footprint
  • Laser Cut and Etched Walls
  • Laser Cut Shingles
  • White Metal Detail Castings
  • Windows That Can Be Positioned Open OR Closed!
  • Take A Look At Those Nail-Holes...
    They're Already in the Walls When You Build Them
The Whistlestop Station Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BM-912

LIST: $41.95

#921 Waterfront Willy's / Trackside Jack's
"Waterfront Willies" / "Trackside Jack's"
For Layouts With A Waterfront the "Waterfront Willy's"
version of this kit can be built as show. Everything from a scale
rowboat to a 3-d lobster for placement on the building front is
included. Laser-cut "cedar-shakes", white metal castings
& laser-cut windows provide a real craftman look to this structure.
BUT... as "Trackside Jack's"...
The same structure can be built featuring the back wall as the focal point. By
incorporating the supplied window shutters and unique freight doors
the same structure can take-on a very unique appearance! We lowered
the height of the dock pilings and built ours on a hillside, with the
land "rolling" off from underneath!
Waterfront Willy's / Trackside Jack's
ITEM # BM-921

LIST: $52.95

Includes Metal Details, Awnings, Signs, & It's Own Corner Sidewalk

Heres the perfect corner tavern for big city, small town or country crossroads. A classic design that fits most modeling eras, it comes complete with metal details, awnings, signs, and a corner sidewalk. Designed for intermediate to advanced modelers, most parts are laser-cut to speed assembly
#931 Saulenas Tavern Laser Cut Kit - sure to earn your "Cheers" when completed!
Saulenas Tavern Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BM-931

LIST: $49.95

Based on an actual structure, this is what true structure building is all about.
The kit includes everything you see, from the double laminated roofing, to stencils so that the roof can be lettered with actual paint... not decals or dry-transfers! With over 30 castings, and laser-cut prescision fitting windows this is a kit that we think we did just about everything we could on. These will not be limited-run, but due to the long manufacturing process will be in short supply for quite some time.
#941 Majestic Hardware Laser Cut Kit -- a great trackside structure!
Majestic Hardware Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BM-941

LIST: $74.95

Kit Includes structure (with complete interior framing and appliances)...
fencing, metal details, signs & a billboard !
The first of our new "THUMBNAIL SERIES"®

#941 Majestic Hardware Laser Cut Kit -- a great trackside structure!
Swanson's Lunch Stand Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BM-951

LIST: $21.95

##991 The Shack Pack includes 3 Shacks plus details!
These three highly detailed structures come complete with white metal detail castings, signs, fencing... even a custom printed "Mail Pouch Tobacco" dry-transfer! Each of the uniquely individual buildings can be placed anywhere along a layout, and the included details can be used in any arrangement to help add a more individualistic look to your modeling. Available NOW in N-scale
The Shack Pack Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BM-991

LIST: $39.95

Fences are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 with Bar Mills "Insta-Fence"

Introducing the Bar Mills "Insta-Fence" This quick & easy laser-cut fence is now availble in N-Scale. The fence comes complete with everything you need to complete as much as 200' linear SCALE feet of fence... Kit comes complete with fence, posts and even full color signs!
N Scale Insta-Fence Kit
ITEM # BM-041

List: $9.98

All of these structures were built from the new Bar Mills "The One Kit" Forget about kit-bashing ... this kit is designed for scratchbuilding. Each kit includes laser-cut walls, windows, doors, paper signs, window glazing and a complete "How-To" idea book These entire scenes above were constructed from several "The One-Kits". All you need to add are roofing materials, roofing details ... and your imagination!
Laser-Cut Modular Structure The One Kit
ITEM # BM-60101

LIST: $31.98

Realistic Sidewalks - In - A - Snap
If you've ever labored building realistic sidwalks this one is a "no-brainer", These look great, and require no modeling skills (also no real time or effort) to be assembled. Complete with a laser-etched curb & pre-distressed cracks ... you'll feel like you're back in Brooklyn!
Realistic Sidewalks in a Snap
ITEM # BM-0681 - Approx 400 Scale Feet of N Scale Sidewalk

LIST: $11.95

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