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Laser Cut Structure Kits
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Blair Line's N Scale Structure Kits - Latest Releases

FeaturesOpen 24 hours a day and a great place for your rail crews to stop and get beans. This blue collar style cafe would look right at home near the rail yard, trackside in an industrial area, or roadside. Includes signs for both Yard Cafe and Hiway Cafe. A lot of detail packed into a small footprint.
  • Kit includes:
  • Laser-cut wood exterior and interior walls featuring tab-n-slot construction
  • Laser-cut floor with sidewalk
  • Laser-cut door trim, window trim, corner and eave trim feature peel-n-stick adhesive for easier assembly
  • Laser-cut window glazing
  • Interior walls, counters, barstools, and interior back wall detailed photo of a typical diner cooking area
  • Details include laser-cut cafe signs for each side of the building
  • Laser-cut Yard Cafe and Hiway Cafe signs for front of awning and rooftop sign
  • Detailed laser cut rooftop air condition unit
  • Burglar bars, wall vents and, downspouts
  • A selection of restaurant and cafe signs from our extensive photo collection
  • Footprint 2.62" x 1.75"
Yard Cafe / Hiway Cafe
ITEM # BL-1006

LIST: $35.95

Blair Line's N Scale Structure Kit Series
#68 Drive-In Theatre Kit
#69 Church Kit
Drive In Theatre kit
ITEM # BL-68 - Popcorn not included!

LIST: $22.98

Church - Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BL-69

LIST: $33.95

#70 Roadside Tourist Trap Kit
#73 One Car Garage Kit
Roadside Tourist Trap Kit
ITEM # BL-70 - Includes signs for 4 different businesses!

LIST: $27.95

One Car Garage kit
ITEM # BL-73

LIST: $11.95

#74 Wood Loading Ramp Kit
#75 Section Car Toolhouse Kit
Wood Loading Ramp kit
ITEM # BL-74

LIST: $11.95

Section Car Toolhouse kit
ITEM # BL-75

LIST: $11.95

#76 Company House Kit
#78 Blairstown 2-story Depot Kit
Company House Kit
ITEM # BL-76

LIST: $17.95

Truck Dump Kit
ITEM # BL-77

LIST: $19.95

Blairstown 2 Story Depot kit
ITEM # BL-78

LIST: $39.95

#79 Shotgun House Kit
#80 General Store Kit
Shotgun House kit
ITEM # BL-79

LIST: $18.95

General Store kit
ITEM # BL-80 - Signs Included!

LIST: $29.95

#81 Ernie's Gas Station Kit
#82 Dari-King Drive in Restaurant Kit
Ernie's Gas Station Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BL-81

LIST: $35.95

Dari-King Drive in Restaurant Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BL-82

LIST: $27.95

#83 Coal Storage House Kit
#84 C&O Scale House Kit
Coal Storage House Kit
ITEM # BL-82

LIST: $11.95

C&O Scale House Kit
ITEM # BL-84

LIST: $11.95

#85 C&O Railway Station Kit
#86 Cash Mine Works
C&O Railway Station Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BL-85

LIST: $39.95

Cash Mine Works Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BL-86

LIST: $78.95

#87 Clark Oil Gas Station Kit
#90 Fred & Red's Diner Kit
#91 Tom's Corn Crib
Clark Oil Gas Station Kit
ITEM # BL-87 2.50" x 1.50" Structure Only

LIST: $33.95

Fred & Red's Diner Kit
ITEM # BL-90 1.10" x 2.50"

LIST: $27.95

Tom's Corn Crib Kit
ITEM # BL-91 1.50" x 1.50"

LIST: $19.98

#93 Boston Depot
#95 Rock Island Gerald Depot
Boston Depot Kit
ITEM # BL-93 - 3" x 1.4"

LIST: $37.95

Rock Island Gerald Depot Kit
ITEM # BL-95

LIST: $39.95

#97 A to Z Used Cars
#1000 Joe's Cabin
A to Z Used Cars Kit
ITEM # BL-97

LIST: $37.95

Joe's Cabin Laser-cut Kit
ITEM # BL-1000

LIST: $29.95

#1002 Hudson Oil Gas Station
#1003 Sam's Roadhouse
#1004 Walnut Grove Depot
Hudson Oil Gas Station Kit
ITEM # BL-1002

LIST: $34.95

Sam's Roadhouse Kit
ITEM # BL-1003

LIST: $32.95

Walnut Grove Depot Kit
ITEM # BL-1004

LIST: $39.95

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