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Wood Chip Hoppers

Beginning in the late 50s, wood chips went from something to be disposed of to a valuable commodity. Since wood chips are less dense than coal, gravel and other hopper loads, many railroads added high extensions to standard hoppers for this service. The extentions were simple affairs, either rib sided or flat sided that were welded to the top chords of standard hoppers. Like our coal hoppers, these N scale models will come ready-to-run with knuckle couplers, and loads.

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Smooth Side Woodchip Cars w/Flat Sided Extensions

Boston & Maine Woodchip Car
Boston & Maine Offset Side Wood Chip Hopper with Flat Side Extensions. In 1964 Boston & Maine purchased a modest fleet of used hoppers, added flat steel extensions and assigned them to wood chip loading in Woodsville, New Hampshire. As the New England region’s largest railroad, Boston & Maine relied heavily on traffic for the paper industry.

Boston & Maine Woodchip Hopper, 2 Pk
ITEM # BLU-16012

LIST: $49.58

Boston & Maine Woodchip Hopper, 3 Pk
ITEM # BLU-16013

LIST: $74.37

Canadian National Woodchip Car
Canadian National Offset Side Wood Chip Hopper with Flat Side Extensions. Canadian National also modified standard offset side hoppers for wood chip service in the mid-60s however, their extensions were made largely of plywood with steel reinforcing around the edges. Despite that, the cars were relativly long lived due in large part to the fact that wood chips are far less abrasive than other types of hopper loads.

Canadian National Woodchip Hopper, Single
ITEM # BLU-16021

LIST: $24.79

Canadian National Woodchip Hopper, 3 Pk
ITEM # BLU-16023

LIST: $74.37

Rib Side Woodchip Cars w/Flat Sided Extensions

Bluford Shops Seaboard System Woodchip Car
Seaboard System Rib Side Wood Chip Hopper with Flat Side Extensions. The 1983 merger of Seaboard Coast Line, Louisville & Nashville, Georgia Railroad, Clinchfield, Atlanta & West Point and Western Railway of Alabama into Seaboard System led these former Georgia cars to be renumbered with SBD marks. Nearly all other lettering had also been changed in the 13 years since delivery.

Seaboard System Woodchip Hopper, 3 Pk
ITEM # BLU-18023

LIST: $74.37

Smooth Side Woodchip Cars w/Rib Sided Extensions

Bluford Shops C&NW Woodchip Car
Chicago & North Western Offset Side Wood Chip Hopper with Rib Side Extensions. In 1964, Chicago & North Western converted a small portion of their coal hopper fleet with the addition of ribbed extentions, not for wood chips but for scrap tinplate service. This group was assigned for loading in Butler, Wisconsin.

CNW Woodchip Hopper, Single
ITEM # BLU-17021

LIST: $24.79

CNW Woodchip Hopper, 2 Pk
ITEM # BLU-17022

LIST: $49.58

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