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N Scale Laser Art Structure Kits

These kits combine fantastic detail and easy assembly. Kits feature tab and slot construction, peel-and-stick trim and extensive instructions. These are excellent kits ... however many are temporarily unavailable.

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Latest N Scale Releases from Branchline Laser-Art Series

#780 Window Treatment Assortment
Package contains 4 sheets (4" x 5") of Curtains and Blinds printed in color on cardstock. You simply cut out and use inside your N scale house and structure kits. Privacy at last!.
Window Treatment Assortment, 4 sheets/pkg
ITEM # BRL-780 - Sorry, sold out / temporarily unavailable!

List: $3.25

#879 N Yard Office Kit
Perfect fit ... just the right size to squeeze in this yard office just about anywhere. Will fit in any trackside setting where a small office is needed ... from lumber yard to railroad yard. Measures just 3 x s1 1/4 x 1 x 1/4 inches. Easily assembled, full instructions included.
Yard Office Kit
ITEM # BRL-879

List: $14.98

Dan's Welding
Dan was well known in town for his ability to patch and weld just about anything. Dan worked on all sorts of things, but loved working on rusted out cars the most.
Dimensions are 2" x 3" x 1 1/2"
Dan's Welding Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-891

List: $27.98

Canaan Union Station
The Canaan, Connecticut Union Station was built in 1872 at the junction of the Central New England and Housatonic railroads (both later parts of the New Haven). A major architectural landmark, this station stood intact until 2001 when an arson fire destroyed a major portion of the station, including its distinctive tower. Most observers considered the remaining portion of the station to be doomed. However, a grass roots local effort along with state and private funding has meant that, like a phoenix, a restored Canaan station is returning from the ashes. Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 3-1/2"
Canaan Union Station Kit
ITEM # BRL-859 -

List: $179.98

N Scale Laser-Cut Structure Kits
Branchline Dubois House
Branchline Trains House Under Construction kit
BRL-800 Dubois House
BRL-801 Tower House
BRL-813 House Under Construction
Dubois Victorian House Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-800

List: $103.98

Tower House Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-801

List: $39.98

House Under Construction Kit
ITEM # BRL-813

List: $47.98

BRL-807 Company House Set #3 - Laser Art Kit
BRL-819 Thelma & Stanley 2 House Set - Laser Art Kit
Company Houses Set #3 Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-807 - Individual House

List: $26.98

Thelma & Stanley Houses 2 Pack Structure Kits
ITEM # BRL-819

List: $31.50

Branchline Tucson Catalogue House
Branchline Dubois Store
BRL-839 The Tucson Catalog House - Laser Art Kit
BRL-840 Dubois Store - Laser Art Kit
Tucson House and Garage Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-839

List: $29.98

Dubois Store Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-840

List: $79.98

BRL-861 Cannondale Station - New Haven prototype
BRL-863 Pennsylvania Center Hall Depot
BRL-863 Pennsylvania Center Hall Depot is pure classic! The prototype goes all the way back to 1884. Branch-Lines' kit is based on the station as it stto during the 1940's on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The building is still standing today ... now in the form of a local restaurant. This is an excellent line-side structure ... recommended!
Cannondale Station Kit
ITEM # BRL-861

List: $37.50

Center Hall Depot Kit
ITEM # BRL-863

List: $57.50

Branchline Trains Santa Fe #4 Station
Branchline Trains Santa Fe Laura Station
BRL-865 Santa Fe #4 Station - Laser Art Kit
BRL-868 Santa Fe "Laura" Station Kit - Laser Cut
This Standard #4 Santa Fe station (above, left) design was used in numerous locataions on the Santa Fe. The kit features laser cut wood components and peel and stick trim. Also includes appropriate signs and chimney.
The "Laura" station (above, right) was based on a standard ATSF design, while the new Ellinor Tower is a "standard" interlocking tower. Both of these structures were used through-out the ATSF system and are a must of ATSF fans.
BRL-869 Santa Fe Ellilnor Tower
Santa Fe #4 Station Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-865

List: $51.50

Santa Fe "Laura" Station Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-868

List: $25.50

Santa Fe Ellinor Tower Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-869

List: $26.50

BRL-872 Shoreham Covered Bridge
BRL-895 Rocky Point Light House
Shoreham Covered Bridge Kit
ITEM # BRL-872

List: $72.50

Rocky Point Light House Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-895

List: $59.50

Lighthouse Flasher Unit
ITEM # BRL-696 

LIST: $29.98

BRL-881 N Scale Ice House - Laser Art Kit
BRL-882 Swift Meat Packing Plant
Ice House Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-881- Companion Kit to Creamery #880

List: $24.98

Meat Packing Plant Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-882

List: $46.98

BRL-883 Engine House - Laser Art Kit -
BRL-884 County Feed - Laser Art Kit
Engine House Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-883

List: $55.98

County Feed Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-884

List: $38.98

BRL-885 Tool & Die Company - Laser Art Kit
BRL-886 Flour Mill Kit
Tool & Die Company Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-885

List: $38.98

Flour Mill Kit
ITEM # BRL-886

List: $31.98

Grain Elevator Kit
Pennsylvania Small
Freight House

Though based on a Pennsylvania Railroad prototype, this small line-side tract structure ( 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2") would be at home on many different layouts ... simply by changing the colors.
BranchLine Laser-Art Kits are excellent models and come highly recommended. Kits feature tab and slot construction, peel-and-stick trim and complete instructions. Painting and assembly required.
BRL-890 Pennsylvania Small Freight House
Pennsylvania Small Freight House Laser Cut Kit
ITEM # BRL-890

List: $25.98

BRL-893 Valley Fuel & Supply - Laser Art Kit
BRL-894 Crosby Coal Company - Laser Art Kit
Valley Fuel & Supply Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-893

List: $66.98

Crosby Coal Company Laser Cut Structure Kit
ITEM # BRL-894

List: $38.50

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