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Digital Control

Now you can enjoy realistic train operation without blocks, complex wiring or computers. Experience the Digitrax difference. Make running trains fun! Isn't this what N-scale is all about!

Important Note regarding Digitrax Receiver Orders --
Please read before ordering!

#1. Decoders shown in "white" fields are currently in stock (often in very limited quantities), subject to prior sale. On our last order, we ordered 36 pcs of DN163KOB but after a month plus wait, recd only 10--the remainer are still on back-order from Digitrax.
  • We will try to keep this page as accurate as possible however we cannot guarantee accuracy. If we have 3 pieces in stock of a particular decoder, you will appreciate how a single order placed before yours can quickly wipe out inventory. We try to maintain an inventory minimum of 6 pieces or more of each item (but this is of course subject to supply from Digitrax over which we have no control) We will update this page (as needed).
#2. Decoders shown in "green" fields are definitely not in stock at this time ... but they are on back-order from Digitrax. If you order any of these -- your card will not be charged until time of shipment.
  • There is a $4.95 shipping charge on "reserved" decoders charged at the time shipment is made. If you reserve multiple (different) decoders -- it is possible there may be more than one shipment. We do our best but cannot control the erratic supply of these from Digitrax.

The placing of an order for these receivers confirms your acceptance of our Digitrax Order Policy and shipping terms as outlined above.

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Item Number

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N Scale Digitrax Receivers
Digital Command Control Decoder
ITEM # DIG-DN121PS - NMRA Medium Integral Plug

LIST: $26.95

Digital Decoder, 1 Amp, 4 FX Funct.
(ITEM # DIG-DN140) - 2 Amp Max / Special Sale Price

LIST: $49.99

Digital Decoder, 1 Amp, 4 FX Funct.
(ITEM # DIG-DN142) - 2 Amp Max

LIST: $52.99

N Scale Plug N' Play Receivers
Each unit converts 1 (one) loco only. A/B loco sets require 2 receivers (1 for each unit) 
Atlas GP40-2, U25B, TM, B23-7, etc.
ITEM # DIG-DN163A0 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Atlas SD50, 60, 60M
ITEM # DIG-DN163A1 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

InterMountain SD40T2
ITEM # DIG-DN163I0 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

InterMountain F3 & F7's
ITEM # DIG-DN163I1C - Plug N' Play - Fits both A and B units

LIST: $34.99

InterMountain FP7, FP9, A&B
ITEM # DIG-DN163I2 - Plug N' Play - Fits A and B units

LIST: $34.99

InterMountain EMD FT-A Unit
ITEM # DIG-DN163I1A - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

InterMountain EMD FT-B Unit
ITEM # DIG-DN163I1B - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Kato NW-2 Diesel
ITEM # DIG-DN123K3 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $29.99

Kato RDC Rail Cars
ITEM # DIG-DN143K2 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $44.99

Kato GG-1 Electric
ITEM # DIG-DN163K1D Plug N' Play

LIST: $35.99

Kato SD80/90 MAC, RS-2, RSC-2
ITEM # DIG-DN143K2 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Kato P42 Genesis, E8, PA
ITEM # DIG-DN163K0A - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Kato EMD F3 & F7 A/B
ITEM # DIG-DN163K0B - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Kato SD40-2, New 2006 Production
ITEM # DIG-DN163K1C Plug N' Play

LIST: $35.99

Kato F40PH Locos
ITEM # DIG-DN163K0D Plug N' Play

LIST: $35.99

Kato EMD SD70 MAC, Old SD40-2, C44-9W
ITEM # DIG-DN163K1B - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

Micro-Trains EMD FT's
ITEM # DIG-DN163M0 - Plug N' Play

LIST: $34.99

N Scale Throttles - Sale!
DT200 Command Station/Throttle


DT100R Radio Equipped Throttle

LIST: $199.99

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