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Bethgon Protein Porters

Illustrations, technical information courtesy of Katousa.com

Prototype Information:
Johnstown America is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum bodied railcars celebrating production of over 60,000 aluminum coal cars
BethGon® Twin Tub Floor Design
allows for the practical use of what used to be empty space between the top of the rails and the bottom of the traditional, flat bottom coal gondola floor.
By replacing the flat floor between the car’s trucks with longitudinal tubs, the BethGon® design was introduced to the railroad industry and the efficiency of moving coal by rail took one giant step forward.

Model Features :
Packaged in 8-Car Sets, in cardpaper box with cut-out foam liner.
Removable Coal Loads with molded interior bracing. Operate with or without loads.
Realistic coal loads are easily removed -- revealing molded interior bracing.
Close coupling knuckle coupler -- maintains prototypical distance between unit-train cars.
Shock Absorber Construction: Low flange wheels with shock absorber construction provide reliable operation!

Bethgon Coalporters -- Now Protein Haulers!!!
Since 1982, the BethGon Coalporter has been hauling "black diamonds" across the United States. The largest selling Coal Gondola in the world, the car's double tub design increases hauling capacity while reducing maintenance requirements. Tubs below the car lower the center of gravity, providing a smoother ride.

Today, coal is no longer sold at the volume it once was in the United States, and many coal carrying railroad cars have sadly been left to rust. Bethgon Coalporters could transport 44,000 pounds of these “black diamonds,” a necessity for the railroad in the era of a coal-driven country; therefore, a need of recycling these cars had to be found!

Since the use of grain for animal feed is popular for farmers in the western part of the United States, Bethgons proved up for the challenge and some were converted for use as a Protein Gondola. These covered gondolas are used in freight trains in the western and southern parts of the states in long, endless fleets providing useful feed for farm animals. Since the load of feed is biodegradable and therefore needs to be delivered as quickly as possible, trains carrying these long loads are given top priority on the rails.

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Kato N Scale Bethgon Protein Haulers - New from Kato

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Kato has annouonced a new Bethgon ... the Protein Hauler .. now in stock and available for immediate shipment.

BN Bethgon Protein Hauler 8 Pack Set #1
ITEM # KA-1064650 - In Stock

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BN Bethgon Protein Hauler 8 Pack Set #2
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SBTX Bethgon Protein Hauler 8 Pack Set #1
ITEM # KA-1064652 - Now in stock

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SBTX Bethgon Protein Hauler 8 Pack Set #2
ITEM # KA-1064653 - Now in stock

List Price $155

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