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California Zephyr

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Illustrations, technical information courtesy of Katousa.com
  • CB&Q EMD F-3's
    Wearing the Chicago Burlington & Quincy passenger service paint scheme of silver with black nose stripes, these F3 units were on the point when the very first run of the California Zephyr pulled out of Chicago on its inaugural westbound run, March 21, 1949.
  • California Zephyr Train Set
    The California Zephyr is one of the most famous and widely recognized transcontinental trains in the history of North American railroading. Kato will recreate and offer the complete original consist of eleven cars that initiated the service on March 20th, 1949. Said to be "a pretty train from any angle" the CZ was jointly operated by three railroads. The Chicago Burlington & Quincy handled the train between Chicago and Denver. The Denver & Rio Grande Western operated the middle portion of the route, between Denver and Salt Lake City, and the Western Pacific carried the train between Salt Lake City and San Francisco. Each of these railroads contributed specifically lettered cars for the make-up of the train. Because of its silver stainless-steel body, all of the cars of the CZ were given a name characteristic to the western territory it traversed with a "silver" preface. EMD F3 locomotives from all three railroads, as well as by AlCo PA and PB locomotives on the D&RGW, supplied the power for the CZ. The CB&Q operated their F3’s in an A-B-A lash-up. Kato will offer this as a complete 11 car train which will feature extensive new tooling to better match CZ prototype on Kato's well received passenger cars.
    With newly tooled cars, this set recreates the first-year consist of the CZ with eight different car types. The exact specification of car type and car name for each of the cars in the set is below. Each car will feature a silver corrugated-side body, accurate CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR lettering, blackened metal wheels and Kato semi-automatic knuckle couplers. The Observation car will feature lighted tail lights, marker lights, tail sign. The interior of each of the cars can be dramatically lighted with the optional installation of our #11-204 1-car/11-206 6-car Light Kit or LED lights 11-209 single / 11-210 6-car LED Light set (sold separately).
    Because of the recognition and history of the California Zephyr, this unprecedented set is sure to be coveted by railfans, rail enthusiasts and railroad historians around the world, not to mention the hobbyists modeling the CB&Q, D&RGW and WP.

    As an added bonus, this 11-car set will include enough N scale Unitrack at no additional cost for a first-class presentation of the set on a desk or shelf when not in operation on a layout. Important: rd #'s shown below are from Original set ... new set will have new names/numbers on all cars. BLW will post as available.

    Information shown is from previous CZ set. BLW will update when new car names/#'s are available from Kato.

    Stock #
    Car Type
    Car Name
    Car #
    106-055 CB&Q Baggage Silver Bear 1105
    D&RGW Dome Coach Silver Bronco  
    CB&Q Dome Coach w/Conductor's Room Silver Ranch 4719
    WP Dome Coach Silver Feather 812
    CB&Q Dome-Buffet Silver Club 250
    CB&Q 10-6 Sleeper Silver Valley 428
    D&RGW 10-6 Sleeper Silver Glacier 1134
    CB&Q Diner Silver Diner 194
    D&RGW 16-Sec Sleeper Silver Aspen 1120
    WP 10-6 Sleeper Silver Canyon 862
    D&RGW Dome Observation Silver Sky 1145
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California Zephyr 11 Car Passenger Set - 5th Run

California Zephyr 11 Car Train Set
ITEM # KA-106055B - Re-Release of 3rd Run

LIST: $270

CB&Q F3's -- Motive Power for California Zephyr

Kato's CB&Q F3's back in stock. A Units have new rd #'s, B unit, no rd #'s.

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices of new releases may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" or "Reserv" button below right. It will disply the BLW sale price.
SPECIAL SHIPPING RATE ON KATO F3 RESERVATIONS: Your shopping cart for reservations will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card is not charged until time of actual shipment. Only $6 shipping will be charged for Kato F3 Advance reservations. In-Stock F3's ship NOW. Reserved F3's due in August ... will ship upon arrival. Locos cannot be held pending arrival of sets. Thank you for your understanding.

CB&Q EMD F-3A, Road #9962C
ITEM # KA-1761312 -

LIST: $84.95

CB&Q EMD F-3B, no rd #
ITEM # KA-1761307 -

LIST: $84.95

The Western Pacific Railroad operated the westernmost leg of the California Zephyr's route. At the head-end of the CZ for the WP was an A-B-B consist of EMD F3 diesels. Restock of both A/B units now available.

Western Pacific EMD F-3A, Rd #803
ITEM # KA-1761203 -

LIST: $84.95

Western Pacific EMD F-3B
ITEM # KA-1761208 -

LIST: $84.95

Western Pacific EMD F-3B
ITEM # KA-1761208 -

LIST: $84.95

Kato California Zephyr with D&RGW F3's
Kato's Rio Grande's F3's shown w/Cal Zeph set. Click on photo for Cal Zeph details/availability.
Rio Grande EMD F-3A, Rd #5531
ITEM # KA-1761303 -

LIST: $84.95

Rio Grande EMD F-3A, Rd #5541
ITEM # KA-1761304 -

LIST: $84.95

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