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EMD E8/E9 Diesels
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Kato Union Pacific Kobo Custom Excursion Train Locos

These custom runs of E9 locomotives will be repainted and re-detailed from existing UP units. They have been additionally modified to accurately represent the UP’s current E9’s that it uses with excursion trains. They feature enhancements such as modified roof details, ditch lights and roof beacon (non functioning) and updated printing!

These locomotives will be offered as part of the Kato USA Kobo Custom Paint line, hand-painted and decorated by a master modeler in Japan. While they will not be a “limited” run, all orders will be processed in a made-to-order fashion and will available on a first come, first served basis until the base models run out. Due to the hand-made nature of this item, some minor blemishes and differences may be present from model to model – Kato USA cannot take returns on items unless they possess major paint or mechanical issues.

Union Pacific E9A #949 Excursion Train Version
ITEM # KA-1765316KB1

List: $175.00

Union Pacific E9A #951 Excursion Train Version
ITEM # KA-1765316KB2

List: $175.00

Union Pacific E9B #963B Excursion Train Version
ITEM # KA-1765353KB -

List: $140.00

Kato EMD E8's -- Last Releases / December '13
Kato Alaska EMD E8A
Alaska EMD E8A Rd #2401
ITEM # KA-1765320 -

List: $95.00

Alaska EMD E8A Rd #2402
ITEM # KA-1765321 -

List: $95.00

Alaska EMD E8B Rd #P-30
ITEM # KA-1765322 -

List: $90.00

Chicago & Northwestern EMD E8A Rd #5021A
ITEM # KA-1765360 -

List: $95.00

Chicago & Northwestern EMD E8A Rd #5021B
ITEM # KA-1765361 -

List: $95.00

Illinois Central EMD E8A Rd #4018
ITEM # KA-1765362 -

List: $95.00

Illinois Central EMD E8A Rd #4025
ITEM # KA-1765363 -

List: $95.00

Illinois Central EMD E8B Rd #4105
ITEM # KA-1765364 -

List: $90.00

Via Rail EMD E8A Rd #1800
ITEM # KA-1765344 -

List: $95.00

Kato EMD E8's
Kato 1765341 Amtrak E8
Amtrak EMD E8A Ph I, Rd #310
ITEM # KA-1765341 -

LIST: $95.00

Kato 1765343 Penn Central E8
Penn Central EMD E8A Rd #4825
ITEM # KA-1765343 -

LIST: $95.00

Pennsylvania Single Stripe EMD E8A, #5890
ITEM # KA-1765001

LIST: $91.98

Southern Pacific Daylight:
Now offering two new E8A’s in “Daylight” colors for the Southern Pacific! Whether pulling the
“ Morning Daylight” or even a less famous Southern Pacific passenger train, these E8 locomotives will prove a valuable addition to any SP layout.

Southern Pacific Daylight EMD E8A, rd #6046
ITEM # KA-1765308

LIST: $95.00

Union Pacific #944 EMD E8A
ITEM # KA-1765315

LIST: $95.00

Union Pacific #952 EMD E8A
ITEM # KA-1765316

LIST: $95.00

DCC Conversions for Kato EMD E8's
NCE 12K0a 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for Kato Alco PA, EMD E8, Genesis P42's

LIST: $29.95

Previous Production Run Kato EMD E8's
Kato's E-8's Comin' At Ya
CB&Q E-8A, silver
ITEM # KA-1765101
LIST: $91.95
Pennsylvania Single Stripe E-8 A/A set
ITEM # KA-1062001
LIST: $183.95
These haven't been available for years ... we came up with an unopened case of 12 pcs of the ATSF E8's
Santa Fe E-8 A, Road #86L
ITEM # KA-1765304

List: $91.95

Southern E-8 A, Road #2925
ITEM # KA-1765301

LIST: $91.95
EMD E-8 Coupler Conversion
1128 Short Shank Coupler Kits (2 pr)
ITEM # MT-1128
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2000 Kato PA/E8-A Cplr Conv Kit (2 pr)
ITEM # MT-2000 (MT-001 41 040)
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for product listing
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