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EMD F7 Diesels
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Great Northern, Northern Pacific Freight EMD F-7's

Great Northern Freight Service F7's .. with Single Headlights and No Steam Generator
Great Northern #444A/#444B F7 A/B Freight Set
ITEM # KA-1060420

List: $180.00

Great Northern #444D/#444C F7 A/B Freight Set
ITEM # KA-1060421 - In stock!

List: $180.00

Northern Pacific Freight Service F7's .. with Double Headlights and No Steam Generator
Northern Pacific #6012A/#6012B F7 A/B Freight Set
ITEM # KA-1060422 - Now in stock!

List: $180.00

Northern Pacific #6012C/#6012D F7 A/B Freight Set
ITEM # KA-1060423 - Now in stock!

List: $180.00

Undecorated F7A, Dual HL, No Steam Generator
ITEM # KA-1762200 - In stock 4/11/162

List: $85.00

Undecorated F7B, No Steam Generator
ITEM # KA-1762201 - In stock 4/11/162

List: $80.00

Santa Fe Cigar Band EMD F-7's
Kato Santa Fe Cigar Band EMD F7
Kato's Santa Fe's "Cigar Band" EMD F7A, Single Headlight Freight Scheme

Kato brings the Santa Fe's classic freight schemes to N-Scale later this year. Previously only available as part of Kato's line of N Scale Starter Sets, these will now be offered as individual locomotive releases. Kato will offer the "Cigar Band" paint scheme and the classic "Blue Bonnet".

ATSF Cigar Band, Single HL EMD F-7A, Rd #203L
ITEM # KA-1762128

List: $90.00

ATSF Cigar Band, Single HL EMD F-7A, Rd #203C
ITEM # KA-1762129

List: $90.00

Kato's Santa Fe's "Cigar Band" EMD F7B, Freight Scheme
ATSF Cigar Band, EMD F-7B
ITEM # KA-1762214 -

List: $85.00

Santa Fe Blue Bonnet EMD F-7's

Kato's Santa Fe's F7 Historic Blue Bonnet Freight Scheme - In stock
ATSF Blue Bonnet, Dual HL EMD F-7A, Rd #325
ITEM # KA-1762126 -

List: $90.00

ATSF Blue Bonnet, Dual HL EMD F-7A, Rd #332
ITEM # KA-1762127 -

List: $90.00

ATSF Blue Bonnet, EMD F-7B
ITEM # KA-1762213 -

List: $85.00

Santa Fe Yellow Bonnet EMD F-7's

Kato's Santa Fe's attractive "Yellow Bonnet" F7's,
In the early years of Amtrak service, when the Santa Fe was transitioning to a freight-only business, Amtrak was reliant on leased motive power for pulling its trains. The Santa Fe, wanting to differentiate their equipment that was to be used on the new Amtrak trains, began repainting the F7’s destined for Amtrak use in a new “Yellow Bonnet” scheme. A number of locomotives received this scheme, and although their service on Amtrak was brief many of these Yellow bonnets were returned to the Santa Fe for freight use after 1973.
The F7A unit will come with #304 number boards installed. An additional set of #315 boards can easily be user-installed for those wanting to run a multiple-unit lash-up.
ATSF Yellow Bonnet EMD F-7A, Rd #304/315
ITEM # KA-1762125 -

LIST: $90.00

ATSF Yellow Bonnet EMD F-7B
ITEM # KA-1762212 -

LIST: $85.00

Santa Fe EMD F-7's w/new rd #'s on A units

ATSF Red/Silver Warbonnet - Please note that 3 sets of road #'s are included with KA-1762121.

Please note: ATSF F7 A units have factory installed # board indicated with (*). Other road #'s are pre-printed #'s boards included in the package and are easily user installed. Thus, there are 3 rd #'s available for 1762121

ATSF EMD F-7A #'s 300*/301/304
ITEM #KA-1762121

LIST: $85

ITEM #KA-1762211 -

LIST: $85

Great Northern EMD F-7's
GN EMD F-7A Rd #365C
ITEM # KA-1762133 - GN Orange and Green

LIST: $84.98

DCC Conversion for Kato N Scale Locos

Click on photo for installation illustrations
NCE 12K0b 2 Function Decoder
Drop in for Kato EMD F3/F7 A/B Units

LIST: $29.95

16 Bit Sound Decoder for Kato EMD F Units
ITEM # MRC-1957 - Plug N Play

List: $109.98

Kato also offers a comparable EMD F3. Click on photo below


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