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Amtrak MH-2 Material Handling Cars
All photos courtesy of KatoUSA.com
Prototype Information:

Amtrak rosters two types of MHC cars, or Material Handling Cars. They are known by modelers as MHC-1 or MHC-2. The original 1400-series MHC-1 cars were built by Thrall in 1986 utilizing rebuilt trucks from former REA express cars with a short wheelbase; this car has been previously offered by Con-Cor.
In 1989 Amtrak began receiving a second version of the MHC, the MHC-2, which carry road numbers in the 1500-series. These cars differed in some notable ways. The trucks were a new design that had a longer wheelbase than the earlier cars. Further, there was a body snubber anchor mounted on the sides of the car above each truck. These two details are the most obvious differences between the two car series, however the body and roof are entirely different from the earlier cars.

Kato has chosen to produce the MHC-2, which has not yet been available as a mass-produced N-Scale model. It will be offered only in Phase III striping as this is the only scheme the cars are known to carry at this time.

Model Features:
Build complete, multi-car consists behind our "Genesis" locomotive and Superliner models with these car sets.
Two different 2-car MHC-2 Car Sets will be available in Phase III paint schemes.
All cars are factory equipped with the Kato fully-automatic knuckle coupler.
All cars are finely lettered with car number and other markings.
Cars will feature the large door wheel characteristic of this class of cars.
MHC-2 cars are expected to be equipped with trucks that have pickup contacts. This will facilitate modeler installation of aftermarket End of Train / Flashing Rear End Devices (EOT/FRED). NOTE: Kato does not manufacture EOT/FRED kits.
"DCC Friendly" for easy drop-in installation of digital decoder
Highly-detailed printing with warning labels and builder plates.
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Amtrak Phase III / Phase IV Material Handling Cars
Kato Material Handling Car, Ph III
Amtrak Phase III MHC 2-Pack Set A
ITEM # KA-1063503 Road #'s 1522 / 1544
LIST: $39.95
Kato Material Handling Car, Ph IV
Amtrak Phase IV MHC 2-Pack Set A
ITEM # KA-1063509 Road #'s 1507/1534 -
LIST: $39.95
Matching Amtrak SuperLiner/MHC Cars - Click on photos below
All photos courtesy of katousa.com
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