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EMD SD-80/SD-90's

Prototype Information
The 80/90MAC is one of today's most powerful locomotives, seen throughout North America on Class I mainline railroads and is now in leasing service.
Weighing in at more than 400,000 pounds and with a length in excess of 80 feet, the 80/90 is one of the heaviest and longest single diesel locomotive in the world.
The 80/90MAC series was introduced by EMD in late 1995.
Conrail was the first railroad to receive the 80MAC in early 1996. As it would turn out, Conrail would be the only original buyer of this locomotive, even purchasing both of the demonstrator units. CSX and Norfolk Southern have since acquired these units.
The behemoth SD80 can generate up to 5,000 horsepower.
The maximum speed of the 80/90 is 75 mph.
To date, there have been three production "versions" of the SD90. The production version we have chosen to recreate is the 4,300 horsepower 9043.
Union Pacific, by far, operates the largest fleet of SD90 units. They have even applied different paint schemes to these units.
The 80/90 is equipped with the revolutionary radial truck, capable of reducing the angle of wear between wheels and rail. While keeping the wheels parallel to the direction of the track, this truck literally steers the locomotive through curves. This new technology improves locomotive adhesion and performance, eliminates several conventional truck components, extends locomotive component and track life and improves the ride quality. (Source: "Mechanically Speaking," Volume 3, Issue 12)

Model Features - 2nd/3rd Runs:
This production includes models of both the SD80MAC and SD9043MAC (i.e., different molds).
SD80's: Kato will be running CSX #801 Bright Future as well as 3 NS Black versions..
SD90's: Two CEFX Leasing and the UP #8242 Lightning Bolt w/Wings paint scheme will be offered.
These are a big, heavy model!! The overall length from coupler to coupler is approximately 6.25" and the weight is 134.3 grams. These are our biggest U.S. model to date.
The split metal frame mechanism is "DCC-friendly" (designed for easy drop-in installation of decoder). All models are equipped with bright white LED headlights.
These models also have lighted front-end ditch lights, similar to those on our C44-9W models.
All models are equipped with KATO's new magnetic knuckle couplers.
All models include printed numberboards (modeler install).
The detail of these models is SUPERB, with a detailed underframe and detailed printing (including Warning Labels on hood doors!!!!)
All models are equipped with the powerful KATO five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels. The pulling capability of these models is reported to be 450g at 4% grade/10v DC ... twice the pulling power of our SD40-2 models!
These models feature NEW 7.4mm diameter, chemically blackened metal wheels.
While these models should be capable of operating on a 9-3/4" radius curve, it is recommended they be run on curves no smaller than an 11" radius to prevent the appearance of unrealistic overhang. [If operating on 249mm radius curve, the longer shank coupler (included) should be installed.]
Modeling era: 1995 to present.
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SD90/43MAC's - New Releases

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Click for Price" button below right.

While originally designed to house a 6000hp engine,technical diculties resulted in many SD90MAC’s
being equipped with a 4300hp engine. This gave them the designation SD90/43MAC. The Iowa Pacic’s San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG) runs west from a connection with the Union Pacic Railroad at Walsenburg, CO, over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at La Veta Pass and into the fertile valley of the San Luis and Rio Grande Rivers.
In addition to operating excursion trains through the La Veta pass, the Iowa Pacic hauls grain and various minerals; utilizing the colossal pulling power of the SD90 to great effect.
Available for delivery late-January. This item is custom built and modied by a master modeler in Japan, and is produced in limited, “builtto- order” quantities. While production is not limited, it is typically made in small quantities making them a unique and special addition to your collection!
Your shopping cart will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card is not charged until the time of actual shipment when a Priority Mail shipping/handling charge of $7.95 will be charged. Please click the "Reserv" button for pricing. You can easily remove the item from your shopping cart.
Iowa Pacific Holdings Kobo Custom SD-90/43 MAC #911
ITEM # KA-1765621-KB1 - Due late January '17

List: $190

San Luis & Rio Grande SD-90/43 MAC, rd #115
ITEM # KA-1765620

LIST: $125

San Luis & Rio Grande SD-90/43 MAC, rd #116
ITEM # KA-1765621

LIST: $125

UP We Will Deliver SD-90/43 MAC, rd #8072
ITEM # KA-1765623 -

LIST: $125

DCC Conversion for Kato N Scale Locos

K2D4 Decoder for Kato SD80/SD90 - Install your own!
BEMF Decoder for enhanced slow speed operation
Conrail EMD SD-80, rd #4103
ITEM # KA-1765501

List: $105.00

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" button below right.

CSX Dark Future SD-80, rd #4594
ITEM # KA-1765511 -

LIST: $110

Kato Norfolk Southern SD-80MAC
NS Horsehead SD-80, rd #7208
ITEM # KA-1765513 -

LIST: $110

NS Horsehead SD-80, rd #7210
ITEM # KA-1765514 -

LIST: $110


CP Golden Beaver EMD SD-90, rd #9152
ITEM # KA-1765617 -

LIST: $115

Union Pacific EMD SD-90, rd #8000
ITEM # KA-1765614 -

LIST: $115

Undecorated EMD SD-90/43 MAC
ITEM # KA-1765600 -

LIST: $104.98


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