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SP GS-4 Steam Loco &
SP Lines Daylight Set
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Southern Pacific Lines Daylight GS-4

Kato has just announced that they will be re-releasing their N Scale classic #4449 in her recognizable Daylight Southern Pacific "Lines" paint scheme -- scheduled for March 2017 delivery. This DCC friendly locomotive includes revised drives for an even smoother ride. In addition to the classic Daylight version, Kato will also release an all new BNSF "Excursion Black" loco, as well as a reissue of the 10 car Passenger Set and a 2-Car Articulated Add-On Set. So far, no plans have been announced for either lighted passenger sets, nor digitally equipped locos. We will update this page should this change. Your shopping cart will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card is not charged until the time of actual shipment when standard shipping/handling charges will apply.

The new GS-4's are DCC Ready. Kato may offer a DCC Equipped version at a later date but DOES NOT PLAN TO OFFER A LOCSOUND version at this time. We will accept DCC reservations if/when officially annouonced.

GS-4 SP Lines Daylight #4449
ITEM # KA-1260307 - Due March 2017

List: $240.00

GS-4 BNSF Excursion Black #4449
ITEM # KA-1260312 - Due March 2017

List: $240.00

Southern Pacific Lines Daylight 10 Car Passenger Set

Southern Pacific "SP Lines" Passenger Cars
In the 1940’s, the Southern Pacific “Morning Daylight” was possibly the world’s most beautiful train, its orange and red striping being reserved for the SP’s premier train lines. This “Morning Daylight” consist ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the beautiful California coast, past cities such as Ventura, Santa Barbara, Salinas and San Jose. Heading up the “Morning Daylight” was the specially built steam locomotive, the GS-4, one of the most well known steam engines ever designed.
- Click on cameras at left for additional photos of previous releases

The SP “Morning Daylight” was an all Pullman built lightweight passenger train consisting of:1 Baggage-Chair car (44 seat) 1 Coffee Shop (1st third of articulated car)
1 Kitchen car (2nd third of articulated car) 1 Dining car (final 3rd of articulated car)
10 Articulated Chair cars (each 46 seat) 1 Chair car (44 seat)
1 Tavern car (56 seat) 1 Parlor car (27 seat) 1 Parlor Observation car (22 seat)

The “Daylight” cars are fitted with operating outer diaphragms, which makes the entire train appear as one contiguous unit rather than separate individual cars. Cars were added and subtracted from the consist as traffic warranted.

• Specific interior and exterior details
• Three unit articulated diner set
• Operating outer diaphragms on articulated cars
• Observation car with a continuous lighted drumhead and red marker lights
• All detail parts installed
• Interior of cars can be lighted with optional installation of #11210 Interior Light Kit
with White LED

SP Lines Daylight 10 Car Passenger Set
ITEM # KA-106062 - Due March 2017

List: $260

SP Lines Daylight 2 Car Articulated Add-On Set
ITEM # KA-101062 - Due March 2017

List: $55

For a more streamlined look, an optional (Item #923505) Kinematic close coupling kit is available. As you see here, the couplers are designed to hold the cars close on straights, while flexing outward to allow the cars to go around tight curves. Click on photo at left for larger view. Pkg contains 10 pair.
Kinematic Close Coupling Coupler Kit
ITEM # KA-923505 - 10 Pair / Pkg - Temp out of stock

LIST: $9.98

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