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Amtrak SuperLiner Cars

Prototype Photo © 2000, Graphic Composition - Courtesy Katousa.com
All photos courtesy of KatoUSA.com
Prototype Information:

Amtrak currently operates Superliner 1 and Superliner 2 cars. Delivery of the original Superliner 1 cars began in 1979 with the first cars operating on short runs originating in Seattle and Chicago. As more cars arrived, entire Superliner trainsets replaced trains on existing Western routes. The height of a Superliner generally precludes its operating in the Northeast because of tunnel clearance concerns.
Kato's models are based on the five Superliner 1 car types. They are: Coach-Baggage, Coach, Diner, Sleeper, and Lounge. Over time, some Superliner 1 cars have been modified and some former Coach-Baggage cars are now considered Coach-Smokers (the former baggage area is a smoking lounge). We have chosen the Superliner 1 cars over the Superliner 2 cars because they fill a larger time frame than the Superliner 2, which was first delivered to Amtrak in the 1990s and wears only Phase IV paint.

Model Features:
Build complete, multi-car consists behind our "Genesis" locomotive models with these car sets. It was common practice for Amtrak to mix Phase III and Phase IV paint scheme cars when building a train for its journey.
Kato has produced multiple road numbers for the P42 in the Phase III and Phase IV schemes because most trains operate with two or three locomotives.
Three different 4-car Superliner Car Sets available in Phase III, Phase IV and now Phase IVb paint schemes.
All cars are factory equipped with the Kato fully-automatic knuckle coupler.
All cars are finely lettered with car number and other markings.
The interior of the cars can be lighted with the installation of Kato's 11-211 (LED). Also available in 6 Pks (11212).
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Step-Down Coach & Baggage Car Set

The Superliner I fleet was built in 1979 by Pullman Standard and were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad for their "El Capitan" all-coach train. 102 Superliner I coaches were built, and 48 Superliner I coach-baggage combination cars with a secure baggage hold instead of lower-level seating. For transportation of bulk items, trains would run with cars known as "Material Handling Cars" cargo carrying freight cars which would run either on the nose or tail of a consist.

Budd Hi-Level Cars: The Budd-built Hi-Level cars had a great influence on Amtrak's passenger service, revolutionizing economy coach travel with their double-decker design. Even after the advent of the Superliner car, many of these Budd cars remained in service, in particular the "Step-Down" coach originally used to transition between single level and hi-level cars on the "El Capitan". These cars, along with de-skirted (for easier maintenance) Santa Fe Baggage cars, were a staple on all Superliner trains up to the introduction of the Superliner II car in 1990.

New Phase IVb SuperLiner Sets

Super Liner Sets rerun with same road #'s as previous run.
Coach #34018, Coach-Bag #31004, Sleeper #32019, Diner #38021
Amtrak Phase IVb Superliner 4 Car Set A2

ITEM # KA-1063515

List: $110.00

Coach #34049, Coach #34079, Lounge #33022, Sleeper #32053
Amtrak Phase IVb Superliner 4 Car Set B2

ITEM # KA-1063516

List: $110.00

New! Modern Transition Sleeper, Phase IVb

The original Santa Fe “Step Down Coach” was, for many years, an absolutely necessary car for any Superliner Consist as trains had to accommodate both single and bi-level cars in order to deal with baggage and crew accommodations. With the construction of Amtrak’s fleet of second generation Superliner cars in 1990 (the appropriately named Superliner
II’s), Amtrak turned its attention to replacing the now-decades old Step Down Coaches it had inherited from the Santa Fe with the new “Transition Sleeper” or “Transition Dormitory” car. With roomette accommodations for the train’s crew as well as dining and lounge space, these crew cars were to take the place of the older Santa Fe Step Down cars in Amtrak’s fleet, functioning both as a crew quarters and a hi-low transition car. Currently, virtually every Superliner Consist in operation in Amtrak Service has some form of transition car, with the latest paint schemes being reserved for the newer Superliner II Cars. This Kato N scale model will be a fully licensed and accurate recreation of this new, Modern Transition car and will be a must-have for any N scale modeler who operates existing Phase IVb Superliner Trains!
Amtrak Phase IVb Modern Transition Sleeper
ITEM # KA-1560954

List: $30.00

Amtrak Phase II Superliner Sets
Coach #34057, Coach-Bag #31034, Sleeper #32009, Diner #38012
Amtrak Phase II Superliner 4 Car Set A

ITEM # KA-1063510 -

LIST: $99.98

Coach #340627, Coach #34084, Sleeper #32056, Lounge #33007
Amtrak Phase II Superliner 4 Car Set B

ITEM # KA-1063511 -

LIST: $99.98

Amtrak Smoothside Baggage 2 Car Set
ITEM # KA-1063512 - Road #'s 1075 and 1076

LIST: $44.95

Amtrak Phase III & Phase IV Superliner Sets

Click on image to zoom

Click on image to zoom
SuperLiners Phase III Scheme
SuperLiners Phase IV Scheme
Coach #34037, Coach-Baggage #31024, Sleeper #32022, Diner #38026
Amtrak Phase III Superliner 4 Car Set A

ITEM # KA-1063517 -

LIST: $110.00

Coach #34051, Coach #34085, Sleeper #32044, Lounge #33008
Amtrak Phase III Superliner 4 Car Set B

ITEM # KA-1063518 -

LIST: $110.00

Coach #TBA, Coach-Bag #TBA, Sleeper #TBA, Diner #TBA
Amtrak Phase IV Superliner 4 Car Set A

ITEM # KA-1063504

LIST: $99.98

Coach #TBA, Coach #TBA, Sleeper #TBA, Lounge #TBA
Amtrak Phase IV Superliner 4 Car Set B

ITEM # KA-1063505

LIST: $99.98

Ph III Step Down Coach / Baggage Set
Kato Ph III Step Down Coach, Baggage Set

Step Down Coach & De-Skirted Baggage Car Set.

Amtrak Ph III Step Down Coach / Baggage Car Set
ITEM # KA-1067122

LIST: $55.00

Matching Amtrak Locos/MHC Cars - Click on photos below
Amtrak Genesis P42 Locos
Amtrak Genesis P42 Locos
Kato MHC Cars
All photos courtesy of katousa.com
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