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UP FEF-3 w/Excursion Set

Kato Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 plus Excursion Train.

FEF3's, Passenger Sets, Water Tenders -- all to return
New versions w/pre-installed ESU LokSound also annouced

Prototype Information:
Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 built in 1944 was the last steam locomotive delivered to the UP. In its heyday, it pulled such trains as the Overland Limited, LA Llimited, Portland Rose and the Challenger. From 1957 to 1959 UP 844 was assigned to freight service..

Built as a joint effort between UP and ALCO, the FEF-3's in this series could safely handle speeds up to 120 mph. On one occasion, one of her sister engines pulled a 1,000 ton passenger train at 100 mph.

Saved from scrapping in 1960, 844 was restored and is now used on company and public excursion trains.

Since 1962, No. 844 has run hundreds of thousands of miles as the UP Publicity loco.

Model Features :
The model features a number of revolutionary design innovations from Kato.
Coreless motor with dual flywheels..
Inside bearing wheels w/special articulated undercarriage will operate on 11" radius curves.
DCC friendly ready for drop-in-DCC decoders.
All new design Water Tenders.
Optional DCC-friendly headlight PCB will be available to allow the tenders lights to be illuminated.
The 7-car Excursion train consist features 2 brand new cars - a Power Car and a UP Business car, "Kenefick"
All models will be equipped with Kato's new profile blackened metal wheels and magnetic couplers.
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Union Pacific FEF-3, Water Tenders

Kato has adopted a MAP pricing policy so that prices may not be advertised. You can click on the "Map Pricing" logo above for an explanaton of what this means. To find BLW's price on these items, please click on the "Add" or "Reserv" button below right. You can always easily remove any unwanted items from your shopping cart.
Your shopping cart will show a "free" zero deposit reservation. Your card is NOT CHARGED until items are in stock and ready for shiplment when standard shipping/handling charges will apply. Please be aware that items may not arrive at same time from Kato (especially involving case of DCC Installed Locos and Kato installed lighting). We cannot hold in stock items which may result in multiple shipping charges. Standard shipping/handling charges will apply at time of actual shipment.

All new Freight Version UP FEF-3 from Kato

Union Pacific FEF-3 #838 Freight Version
ITEM # KA-1260402 - New!

List: $275.00

Union Pacific FEF-3 #844
ITEM # KA-1260401 - Reissued by Kato / Back in stock

List: $275.00

Union Pacific FEF-3 #844 w/ESU Loksound Installed
ITEM # KA-1260401-LS

List: $425.00

Union Pacific Water Tender 2-Car Set
ITEM # KA-106085 - In Stock / Limited

List: $79.00

Water Tender PCB Kit - 1 Car Upgrade
ITEM # KA-928065 - In Stock / Limited

List: $7.00

Union Pacific FEF-3 -- DCC Conversions

Click on photo above for link to Soundtraxx for suggested installation directions and photo illustrations.
Soundtraxx Sound Conversion for Kato FEF-3
ITEM # TSU-750FEF - Includes Decoder, Speaker, Gasket

List: $157.70

Add the power of Micro-Tsunami Sound by Soundtraxx to your Kato Union Pacific FEF-3 Loco
Kit includes STX-810112 Oval Speaker Recommended for this loco.
Includes STX-810121 25mmX14mm Speaker Gasket Kit
STX-826003 TSU-750 Heavy Steam Decoder
The TSU-750 operates on both DCC and DC layouts and includes built-in HYPERLIGHT Lighting Effects.

DCC Conversion for Kato N Scale Locos

New Train Control Systems board for the Kato Union Pacific FEF-3.

Now available, this is the board that is being installed by Kato on their "Factory Installed version of the FEF-3's. The K6D4 is a drop-in decoder for the Kato N Scale FEF. This decoder includes a built-in forward LED and 3 solder pads for additional lights. Included is our auto-adjusting BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance and hassle free set up. Also includes Quiet Drive for super quiet engine performance.
TCS K6D4 Kato Drop In Decoder for UP FEF-3

List: $48.95

Union Pacific 7 Car Excursion Train Set
The 7-car Excursion Train consis includes:.
Power Car #207
Budd 10-6 Crew Sleeper #202 "Willie James".
Museum Car #5779 "Promentory"
Dome Coach #7001 "Columbine"
Coach #5473 "Portland Rose"
Dome Diner #8008 "City of Portland"
Business Car #119 "Kenefick"

Union Pacific Excursion Train 7 Car Set
ITEM # KA-106086I- Now in stock!

List: $250.00

7 Car Excursion Sets w/Kato Installed Lighting are now available!
Union Pacific Excursion Train 7 Car Set w/Kato installed lighting.
ITEM # KA-106086L - Now in stock!

List: $350.00

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