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NCE DCC Systems
BLW will continue to expand our selection of in-stock NCE DCC
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Start Here: Power Cab DCC System
NCE Power Cab DCC System A complete DCC starter system in the palm of your hand! Upgradeable / wireless compatible from NCE (North Coast Engineering).
  • NCE's famous easy-to-use Pro Cab
  • Runs up to four N scale trains
  • The only entry level system with full featured programming track.
  • Includes: Manual, Cables, PCP Panel ... even the Power Supply is provided.
  • Installation a snap! Hook 2 wires to track, plug in the cab ... and you're running trains
  • Operates Trains, Lights, Sounds, more
  • Complete - Nothing else to buy!
Unlimited Expansion with NCE's "Nothing Wasted" Growth Plan (details included)
NCE Power Cab DCC System
ITEM # NCE-25 - Price Break / BLW's Best Price

LIST: $199.98

NCE is temp out of their NCE-25. Restock expected mid-late February.
Pro Cab 5 Power Pro-R Wireless Power Station
NCE Power Pro R Starter Set The Power Pro-R starter set is a radio equipped Power Pro system. It is designed to eliminate the need for a tethered throttle. All features of the Pro Cab are usable while in radio mode. Up to 60 additional radio and tethered cabs can be used simultaneously.
  • Unique Pro Cab Special Features
  • The thumb wheel speed control is a digital encoder.
  • Yard mode feature provides the yard operator with precise switching controls
  • Recall mode allows one operator to control up to 6 locos at once and toggle between locos ...
Full advanced master series command station capability. Everything needed to get started except power supply. (requires 5 amp AC power supply such as NCE-215 shown below).
The Ultimate DCC System ... at 30% off. Now available from BLW
NCE Power Pro Cab 5R Wireless Station
ITEM # NCE-2 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $699.98

NCE Power Pro Cab 5R Wired Station
ITEM # NCE-1 - WIRED version of above/lower price

LIST: $529.98

NCE Power Supply
If you don't have an existing power supply or you want one with a little more "punch" ... this powerful 5 Amp Power Supply will more than take care of your N scale power needs. This transformer is perfect for use with any of the Power Pro Command Station sets.
15 Volt AC 5 Amp Power Supply
ITEM # NCE-215

LIST: $59.95

Power Cab Engineer Throttles

The Cab04 offers a conventional knob for speed control. Features easy selection of locos/consists, single button operation of decoder functions and momentary HORN button. Can also be set to YARD mode which makes the speed knob act as a "center off" speed control.
It is available with either a digital encoder (Cab04e) or wireless.

NCE Cab04pr Radio Handheld Controller
ITEM # NCE-13 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $179.95

NCE Cab04e Handheld Controller
ITEM # NCE-14 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $119.95

Our deluxe Pro Cab provides the most user-friendly access to all system features. Uncomplicated menus on the easy to read, backlit LCD display guide you through the most advanced operations with a minimum of fuss. Our Pro Cab-R is also available radio equipped.

NCE ProCab Handheld Controller
ITEM # NCE-10 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $159.98

NCE ProCabR Handheld Radio Equipped Controller
ITEM # NCE-11 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

LIST: $249.98

Power Boosters
NCE DB5 Power Booster
This new 5 Amp Power Booster replaces the discontinued DB3a. It comes complete with 5 Amp Power Supply built in and can be used with most brands of DCC systems. Click on photo at left for on-line owners manual.

NCE DB5 Power Booster
ITEM # NCE-524-028 - Click Add button for price.

List: $179.95

NCE SB5 Smart Power Booster
The new NCE SB5 Smart Booster replaces the discontinued SB3a. It comes complete with a P514 Power Supply built in. Supplies 5 Amps of track power. Accomodates up to 6 throttles plus additional 3 cab bus accessories such as AIU, USB or Mini panels.

NCE SB5 Smart Booster
ITEM # NCE-524-027 - Click Add button for price.

List: $219.98

USB Interface / Accessories
What you are looking for not listed, let us know. We either have or can get very quickly ... at BLW's great NCE Prices!
The USB Interface requires Internet access to download latest USB drivers. It supports:
  • train/accessory/signal operation
  • Ops programming with all NCE DCC systems
  • Supports Power Cab program track
  • USB drivers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linus via Internet dowload avail.
NCE USB Interface
ITEM # NCE-223 - Price Break / 30% Discount!

List: $49.95

NCE UTP Panel CAB BUS W/RJ12 Connectors
ITEM # NCE-207

List: $22.95

NCE RJ12-7 Cable for UPT/DIN Panel
ITEM # NCE-213

List: $6.95

NCE Decoders
Click on photo above for listing of NCE Decoders available.
BLW also stocks ...
Atlas locos w/DCC installed
Digitrax Decoders
MRC Decoders
NCE Decoders
TCS Decoders
Products offered for sale on this web page are NOT TOYS
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