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50' Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Box Car
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50' Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Box Cars

ot your average box car ... incredibly popular among shippers numbering beyond the hundreds of thousands. These specially equipped insulated box cars were cushioned from slack action, protected with load equipment to prevent shifting loads, and insulated from extremes in temperature. Serving the food industry primarily, they were used by any shipper requiring a constant temperature and a nice cushioned ride.

Wheels of Time brings you the 50-ft Pacific Car & Foundry Insulated Loader-Equipped box car*. The first time this car has been produced in N-Scale, this model has above average detailing, giving you the full flavor of these modern workhorses; Perfect for your model railroading adventures from the mid-60s to now.

Model Features:

Railroad specific options include single or double Youngstown plug doors and Hydra-Cushion or Keystone cushioning details. Our cars will ride at the proper height on realistic trucks with metal wheelsets; have body-mounted couplers like the real thing; have realistic underframe details; even have rivets at the side seams, and with the ultra-precise Wheels of Time tooling and authentic and attractive lettering and decoration you’ve come to expect from Wheels of Time.

*These 70-ton Plate C cars were considered bunkerless refrigerator cars or insulated box cars and carried the mechanical designation of RBL or XLI, respectively. They were assigned to temperature sensitive commodities such as dried foods, canned goods, jar goods, drinks, packaged foods (rice, pasta, cereals), pet foods, nursery plants, seeds and xmas trees. PC&F (now known as PACCAR) had it’s beginnings making railroad logging cars. But the company has a varied history: they were involved in making the armour for Sherman tanks during WW2, OEM of heavy duty trucks (Kenworth c. 1945, Peterbilt c. 1958), and of course, specialized in refrigerator car manufacturing & repair, finally exiting the railroad OEM business in 1984. It continues today as a one of the largest class 8 truck manufacturers worldwide. .

BNSF XLI Insulated Box, 10'6" YSD, end of car cushioning.. 8 Road #'s: 779900, 779913, 779928, 779938, 779975, 779584, 780027, 780133
BNSF 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61094 - 8 Road #'s Available

List: $26.59

Burlington Northern Western Fruit Express. 10' Superior Plug Door, Side Vents. 8 Road #'s: 64535, 64537, 64539, 64546, 64533, 64540, 64541, 64559.
Burlington Northern Western Fruit Express 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61076 - 8 Road #'s Available

List: $26.59

Wheels of Time SSW Cotton Belt 2 PC&F 50' Boxcar
Cotton Belt (SSW) PC&F Insulated Box Car, 6' + 8" Dbl Plug Doors
8 Rd #'s: 27200, 27245, 27280, 27313, 27361, 27429, 27463, 27499
Era: late 60's through 90's

Cotton Belt (SSW) 50' DPB PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61059 -

LIST: $26.59

Evergreen. 8' DBL PD PC&F Insulated Box.. 8 Road #'s: 3200, 3245, 3260, 3263, 3278, 3291, 3315, 3316, 3322, 3329
Evergreen 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61084 - 8 Road #'s Available

List: $26.59

Wheels of Time Golden West Service 2 PC&F 50' Boxcar
Golden West Service (GVSR) PC&F Insulated Box Car, 6' + 8" Dbl Plug Doors
8 Rd #'s: 747000, 747005, 747012, 747022, 747031, 747043, 747055, 747063
Era: 1990's

Golden West Service 50' DPB PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61029

LIST: $26.59

Wheels of Time Great Norther/Western Fruit Express 2 PC&F 50' Boxcar
Great Northern (BN)/Western Fruit Express PC&F Insulated Box Car, 10' Plug Door
1 Rd #: 64552. Era 1970's

GN Western Fruit Express Large Logo 50' PB PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61050 - Restencilled BN -

LIST: $26.59

Great Northern. 10' Superior Plug Door, No Vents. 8 Road #'s: 200000, 200014, 200017, 200019, 200027, 200034, 200045, 200072.
Great Northern 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61068 - 8 Road #'s Available

List: $26.59

SP Speed Lettering 6' + 8' DBL PD PC&F Insulated Box.. 8 Road #'s: 694250, 694295, 694301, 694349, 644429, 694473, 694477, 694552
SP Speed Lettering 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61102 - 8 Road #'s Available

List: $26.59

Wheels of Time Southern Pacific  PC&F 50' Boxcar
Western Pacific Cushion Protection PC&F Box Car, 10'-6" YSD Doors
6 Rd #'s: 68226, 68238, 68251, 68288, 68300, 68305

WP Cushion Protection 50' PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61022 -

LIST: $26.59

Wheels of Time Wisconsin Central 2 PC&F 50' Boxcar
Wisconsin Central PC&F Insulated Box Car, 6' + 8" Dbl Plug Doors
Era: 1990's to current

Wisconsin Central 50' DPB PC&F Boxcar
ITEM # WOT-61037 - only 2 rd #'s still available!

LIST: $26.59

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